scary doll

takut tak tengok dolls ni?

it is from  Gris Grimly book

Here is the story from the book...

Little Miss Muffet, a wicked child,
had manners that were crude and wild.
She would scream, curse, spit and swear,
she said things children wouldnt dare. 

To other classmates, she would be cruel,
and so she made no friends at school.

Here you see why creatures feared
the girl when she would venture near.

When Ma and Pa could take no more,
they opend up the cellar door.
They tossed her down rhe stairs and then
they never let her out again
she ate naught but curds and whey
that was handed through a slot each day.
The spiders crawling through her hair
were all the friends she had down there
All alone she wept and cried
and stayed in the cellar til she died
- Gris Grimly "wicked nursery rhymes

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