ARE all these true? from read . think. judge

1. Lecturers are bias to the students.
2. Lecturers do not see who are working hard and who are don't.
3. Lecturers gave marks and grades blindly.
4. Lecturers do not know students.
5. Lecturers are unfair.
6. Lecturers only know to criticize the students works.
7. Lecturers knows only to deduct marks and do not see the real performance of the students.
8. Lectures do not portray good examples.
9. Students respect lecturers' decisions.
10. Students respect rules and regulations of the class.
11. Students did not come late to class.
12. Students did not come on time and went missing after half an hour.
13. Students did not take advantage when the lecturers are damn kindhearted.
14. Students did not say bad things about lecturers behind lecturer's back.
15. Students have efforts to see the lecturers, need not to be reminded this and that, and need not to be spoonfed all the time.
16. Students did not take for granted in many things.
17. Students did not address their unsatisfaction feelings by raising up their voices towards the lecturers.
18. Students never give many excuses.
19. Students did not expect the lecturers to satisfy every single head among them.
20. Students understand that it is difficult for the lecturers to hold the amanah given by God to spread the knowledge to the Ummah.
21. Students are not worried about their marks and grades, they did not make comparisons among themselves, and never question the ability of the lecturers of giving marks.
22. Students performed very very well in their studies, that they deserved good marks and grades.
23. Students nowadays are different compared to batches before.
24. Students always appreciate the knowledge given by their lecturers. It is always a blessings of knowledge that they gained.

A lecturer of mine told me "Its too diificult to educate the people nowadays, as we will face many things". Lecturers spread the knowledge as best as possible but students do not see this. Where the lectures went wrong, I don't think the students need to teach the lecturers, or it will be better if the student becomes the lecturers and vice versa.

I had indirectly made my very own personal comparisons, between student nowadays, with students during my batch, as well as students who were my seniors and super seniors. And I am sorry to say that...

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