huhu..ku penat

arini ary memenatkan..arini kene submit meq tak tidor la smpai subuh..then dlm kul 8 pgi tidur sat smpai kul 10..tehee..then smbung gc mule..mmg hancus mancus laa ketas tuh..maner taknyer.wat keje lasminute..last minute? i dun think so..buat keje dlm mse y singkat tuh betul..br0 kterorg sgt22222222222 strict..submit b hook o by crook kene gok submit monday...aisyyyyyyyy..dye cm nak trai kite sume jd the real AED which is make a work in a short while..haah..the result: kamiii punyerr manyak salah woo..padan muke..pas ni kene REDO N REDO mule..lalaalalal...buhsan..
COP lupe nak ckp..pas submit gc..wse dunia tuh milikku..ish2...hepy smacm jer,then g beli CD OPICK sbb epy sgt..sabit tol!
jap pas tuh mamai2..ngantuk2..kantuk2..then tertidur sye..patu tgok muvie..penat lor tgok muvie tuh..seram sgt..penat tutup mate..
slps penat tgok muvie..ana diajak men basketball..oh my GOD! besh..penat tak penat..wa mauk join gok..ader tournament t..eceevceh..bajekk pndai jer aku nih nk masuk sukan tuh..ntoh..pkai bantai jer r masuk.. panjg nyer sye mmbebel..doh r tuh..las2 abes men smpai kul 12.

thenn .

.THE END..tengs willing to read dizz long boring story..aligator...jap the last one..i also tired tulis blog..teheheeee

tabungku almost penoh

ayoyo...duit tabung da nakk penuhhhh! yeayyy
jgn jelesss..
tu r..
tanak kumpul duit syiling g..len kali kalu pak cik jual tye ade duit syiling tak? ckp la tak de..hheehe..jahatt nipo
bole kawen doh nih..duit byok doh


who wanna be a mom?




thousand me will shouting loudly..haha,selok

i am the one who wanna be a great mom kot!

im eager to have a child o has a lot of children..i wanna love them, wear them lampin,kiss them,read fairy story b4 sleep, hearing they shout ‘mummy,ibu,mamao ummi’ much i want it!

dear zygote,dear embryo,dear foetus and lastly, the speacial ones, dear baby..mummy love u..mummy will wait 4 u to appeared infront of us! waiting n waiting…jus take care of urself, be a good baby„(ces,..kawen pon dok lgi da brangan tu ini..hihi)


saya mintak maaf
maaf sbb tak kuat..
tak kuat iman..
saya mmg lemah..
lemah utk mncegah kemungkaran..
saya sedeyh
sedeyh sgt
melihat kehipokritan mahasiswi..not mahasiswa..
maaf bgi sesape y terasa..
p nape nyer..
kiteorg nek bas
agak rmai la student pompuan nek bas..
n then sddenly we saw sorg minah ni ngan pak we dye..aduiii..aytuh jumpe doh p dgn pkwe y len..playgirl2..then..dgn tak malunyer pompuan uh touch2 laki uh..oit desperatenyer anda..kiter an pompuan..dier an laki..g sentuh babi uh! aku nyampohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
then ader plak sorang minah uh g bukak tudung..WHAT THEEEEEEE..buley ea bukak tudg dlm bas..bukak jubah dlm bas..tlg laa..bapokk segala karut marut...

*ps/t...maaf laa kata2 agk kesat disini..den tak than...
dear sorry as i tak kuat nak tegor dworg..

bodeng r sape dump baby dworg!

It upsets me so much every time a baby is dumped by a couple of teenagers. I so want to meet the boy and the girl, shake their shoulders hard, and tell them straight up - “This is real life, and that (pointing at the baby) is a life you’re dumping away.”

"I always believe that Allah will double our happiness when we feel happy for others. A simple prayer to Him- “Ya Allah, bless us all” would be enough. Be happy, be grateful, and smile with sincerity."

sem me crazy

SEM 2...
uhh..u drive me crazy!
seriosly..being an AED stdent really made me tired..not only tired but too tired..not only too tired but trillion billion tired! saye penat tak tidur..saye penat kalu tak tidur langsung dlm satu ary..kadg2 2..3 ary ta tidur...muke un da jdi bolokk doh
i dunno..but sumtymes juz felt wanna give up! oh..plis..let me rest..i wanna sleep like the other person..i wanna stdy like the other person but i also want to do a project..hihi

we as AED student ..-not enough sleep,coming late to the class n sumtime do not take a bath (kantoi sket), n the most obvious is sleeping in the class..-

i cant wait anymore babeh! the problem is GC and ED..both of this subject ,wen it combine together in one semester,it really sucks us! ok..friday-get task GC..submitted next 2 week..
wednesday-get task ed..submitted next 2 week also..but..first we need to design n then to get the approval frm brother is little bit difficult..little? ok im lied..not little..but is far more difficult since our mock up design is always bieng broken by the we decided to make Cincai2 mock up design as we know it will be broken by the brother..hahak..the real design..of coz la make it to make cincai2 mock up? we olwaz make a mock up half an hour before class so that we will not felt sad wen it is been destroyed by the brother..haha.

If I were to be in love, I want it to be because of Allah. Because I want it to be forever, and I know only Allah can keep it that way.

dream oo dream

As a little girl, I used to dream of what my future would be like. Dreams were wondrous, a gift to the mind, the world of a child. As a teenager, I would drown in my dreams, not wanting to swim to its surface of bitter reality. Dreams were a drug, a pain killer which led to an addiction of a constant daydreamer. Now as a young adult, dreams are what drive me. I dream of being a better Muslimah, I dream of being an architect, I dream of being an accountant, I dream of marrying wif prince and getting a lot of children(10 maybe..hehe). I dream of a better world, I dream of dreams that all dreamers dream. But the best part is that I’m not just dreaming; I wake up realizing I’m climbing my way up there.

sleeppp is my enemiess after BUSH

i remember when sleep was to be relished
a pause from a day to rest.

when nightmares still had restraints
tight chains that never squeaked.

yet time went on and sleep became
an escape for a new day to come faster.

but sleep became the enemy when villians
and creatures from my conscious state envaded
my place of peace.

ill fight you . i'll fight you, my enemy i
meet in the night, i can never see you
coming , but at least i know

you will bring the day.