sem me crazy

SEM 2...
uhh..u drive me crazy!
seriosly..being an AED stdent really made me tired..not only tired but too tired..not only too tired but trillion billion tired! saye penat tak tidur..saye penat kalu tak tidur langsung dlm satu ary..kadg2 2..3 ary ta tidur...muke un da jdi bolokk doh
i dunno..but sumtymes juz felt wanna give up! oh..plis..let me rest..i wanna sleep like the other person..i wanna stdy like the other person but i also want to do a project..hihi

we as AED student ..-not enough sleep,coming late to the class n sumtime do not take a bath (kantoi sket), n the most obvious is sleeping in the class..-

i cant wait anymore babeh! the problem is GC and ED..both of this subject ,wen it combine together in one semester,it really sucks us! ok..friday-get task GC..submitted next 2 week..
wednesday-get task ed..submitted next 2 week also..but..first we need to design n then to get the approval frm brother is little bit difficult..little? ok im lied..not little..but is far more difficult since our mock up design is always bieng broken by the we decided to make Cincai2 mock up design as we know it will be broken by the brother..hahak..the real design..of coz la make it to make cincai2 mock up? we olwaz make a mock up half an hour before class so that we will not felt sad wen it is been destroyed by the brother..haha.

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