dream oo dream

As a little girl, I used to dream of what my future would be like. Dreams were wondrous, a gift to the mind, the world of a child. As a teenager, I would drown in my dreams, not wanting to swim to its surface of bitter reality. Dreams were a drug, a pain killer which led to an addiction of a constant daydreamer. Now as a young adult, dreams are what drive me. I dream of being a better Muslimah, I dream of being an architect, I dream of being an accountant, I dream of marrying wif prince and getting a lot of children(10 maybe..hehe). I dream of a better world, I dream of dreams that all dreamers dream. But the best part is that I’m not just dreaming; I wake up realizing I’m climbing my way up there.


  1. ahah..berangan je lebeh kak ude nih..branagan nak wat team basketball tuk anak2..hehe