how to make zippy pouch

    this is an example of pouch


To make a lined zippy pouch you will need 
(measurements for the pouch in the example in closures)
* zipper
(12 cm, 4 3/4'')
* 4 equal sized pieces of fabric for front, back and lining
(12,5 x 14 cm, 5'' x 5 ½'')


Use the zipper foot and sew the zipper to the front piece, right sides facing


Then join the back piece to the other side of the zipper. One needle helps to keep the backing in the right place, turn around and sew from the zipper side as shown in next picture.


attaching the back piece


Place one lining piece right sides facing with the front piece. The zipper in between. Stitch next to the previous seam as shown in the next picture.
(this stage can very well be done on a tidy sewing table too ;)


Stitch close to, but on the left side of the previous seam, this way all seams will be hidden on the finished pouch.
Then join the other piece of lining the same way to the back side.


Press from both sides, make sure that the fabric won't fold next to the zipper


Sew a decorative stitch close to the zipper, still using the zipper foot. This seam will prevent the lining from getting stuck in the zip.


Now pin the pouch right sides facing, as shown on the picture.
If you want to add a piece of ribbon as a tag in the side, do it at this point!


Now start sewing using your regular foot. Start at the bottom of the pouch and remember to leave a gap to be able to turn everything around!
Note. If you use a heavier fabric for the pouch and light-weight fabric for lining you might want to adjust the needle to make a smaller allowance for the outer part of the pouch. Otherwise you end up with a baggy looking lining.
Tutorial 055

The picture says is all! Then turn everything around using a pencil or something similar to make the corners nice and pointy.


Close the gap by hand or with straight stitch on your sewing machine.


TADAAA! dah ciap!

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