acne! i hate it!

i have been struggling about this issues since i was 13..but now im doesnt seem to stop..
i always want a perfect flawless skin like korean stars without any blemish,no scars..uhh
i have tried so many products but it doesnt show any signs.
im little bit jealous to see people with fairy skin and having no problems with their skins.maybe because of their genetics..BUT, my sisters got perfect skin not like me..ho ho

but i do think
 this issues is not  important in my life..
i have acnes here and there,whats up with that?
i wholeheartedly believe tht people is unworthly if they just wont like u just because of your skin..

whatteitik nak judge org macam tu?

so just ignored the acnes,beliau takde tempat tinggal..sbb uh beliau tumpang sekejap..nnty2 nanty kemudian2 beliau mati lah ditelan zman..

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