pakwe u baik?

ah pakwe awak baik?
pakwe awak kejot awak subuh?
hah pakwe awak suruh awak pakai tudung labuh?
hah pakwe awak suruh awak pakai stoking?
in conclusion,hah pakwe awak baik?

hey look here
when u woke after get ur sweety dream, u look into your phone and open the inbox "yunk bangun yunk,p solat subuh tu"
who u think first?
your super cutie boyfriend or ALLAH?
 who do you think first?
oh dont be nut
of cos your boyfriends first!
no no and nooooooo
im against it
go away from him
leave him
go to ALLAH
ALLAH, HE is the first ever
we love HIM,love HIM and LOVE HIM
ALLAH is the first should be love
the seconds are: our beloved parents,our husband,relatives
the third is our selfishness love,the love made from our own feeling without thinking others

after all,ALLAH the first to put into your heart
where ever u go, just think of HIM ,ok?
isnt it easy?
just throw others and put HIM first in your heart and a tiny space for your parent..
am i right?