budak suke epal ijau!

epal ijau..erm nyumnyummm sedap bangat erkk

the old cliche once says

"an APPLE a day keeps the DOCTOR away"

"an apple,an orange and a few pieces of fruit and a salad a day will keep the doctor away"

so anda2 semua..nak jimat duit kos perubatan anda..makan lah epal ary..yea..it taste sour but if u keep eating it,u will love it..

kawan2! sebenarnye..masa pagi2 kita kene banyak banyak banyak banyak banyak makan buah..kalu kita rasa lapar un..kita makan a banana or two banana..but eat watermelon first before u eat other fruits as melon helps digest our foods...so sebelum noon,eat fruitts

we need 70% of water in our body. you must have water for survival..im not talking about drinking water!

some people might be saying right now,

"hey,thats great,i drink my eight  glasses of water a day". but  in no way  will drinking water bring u the success i am referring to..wen i say hight water content food, im talking about two foods grown on this planet that naturally have hight water content..ONLY two foods..they are FRUits and VEGETables..anything else u eat is a concentrated food..which is mean the water content has been removed..so penat je la kita makan mknn y tkde high water content..memang la semua lauk pauk y dimasak tuh sedap tapi sayur2 kat dlm lauk pauk y dimasak melbihi suhu tu dah MATI..DA takde nutrien yunk oii..

so anda2 yang disayangi marilah kita makan banyak banyak banyak banyak sayur mayur n buahan muahan yerr supaya body kite sayang kita..janganlh disebabkan kita diberi badan yang sihat dan perfect merfect..we tend to take them for granted and ABUSE Them..sian beliau (badan kita)


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