back to uia so00n



attention to all people of this kampung..
today.. i would like to confess..that im gonna write thiz blog in english..huhu
im sorry if my grammar not good.but,,im trying to improve it!

writing blog is just like writinng diari..its same right? teachers said ..the one that can improve ur language or ur writing is to write ur diary in english..y? because we r not being stressed thinking about our grammar,or about our 'thesis statement'..huhu..we just write directly frm our step actually help a lot! going back to uia,,huhu..feel xcited coz its little bit bored at home ..coz nobody to talk body to play wif..just wake up at 11o'clock..tidy up living sauna..erm talk about sauna..i looiked like it coz u know weight lost in about 5 kg this week jus because skipping dinner and sauna 4 half an hour..try it everybody! its worth beb..


okey..bye..yuhee the witch was calling3 me now!


  1. dear kak ude...good effort,,,i will ensure you make it dear...i'm watching u...hahaha...can't wait to see how slim are u...:))

  2. ceit..not really..a few days weight increse again as i eat a lot of kfc+pizza..hhahak

  3. nak sauna jugak!!
    mahal x k,ude bli?

  4. around rm 45o yunk..tpi bebaloi2