buy kamera!! so xciting

today..erm little bit happy n little bit sad too..

i could not go to anual charity dinner!

OMG..cnnot see sad..kentot tol..tiber 2 ade kelas ED mlam uh..tanak kawan sumer..tanak jdi comitte doh..felt guilty cos i owez do not go to PERKIMs sorry syamsul..i know i don help u..i sorry to all committe 4 charity too busy..i choose homework rather than dis sorry a lot..after dis..i will not involve in other else programme..i know who i am...i cnnot manage my tyme to do 2 work in 0ne tyme...huhu..the exciting one is today is PAEZAH bufday..agoyooo..we all plan dat all of us do not wish 4 her bufday untill 11.59 malam..ayoyoo..little bit kesian tgok pae..tade sorew un wish..hahakk

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