that 1 MALAYSIAN baucer..

yesterday, i went to CAC building to buy several books..
while im searching,suddenly a foreigner (wearing purdah) came to me and ask something

she: sister,may i ask you something?

me: yes, what is it?

she: how can i buy a piece of paper that can make us buy our collegues book?

me:err what do you means? what kind of paper did you menas? i dont understand

she: err the ones that malaysian students keep using when they buy books

me: oh did you means coupun 1 MALAYSIAN like this ( im showing my baucer)

she: yes,i want to buy much did you buy it? where can i buy it?

me: oh im sorry, you cannot get this baucer as ths baucer only given to malaysian students

she: really? its unfair!

me: oh im sorry

she: can you give me one?

me: opps, i only have one,the other 3 baucer , i already used it to by my books,

she: perhaps,did you know those who dont want to use that baucer?

me: oh i dont think so

she: oh i wanna be MALAYSIAN now!

me: haha, sorry

how sweet she is! LOL

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