“Many Muslims nowadays equal
 piousness and religion to reciting Quran,
dressing Islamic, visiting the Mosque often,
and being occupied with Islamic studies.
They worry so much about gaining knowledge
that they fail to implement it and actually
 live by it. They have lost what Islam is truly about and have forgotten
that preparing a wonderful meal for your neighbours is part of Islam,
that taking your parents out shopping or for a walk in the park is
 part of Islam, that going out and doing charity work is part of Islam,
that doing your best and work and school is part of Islam. We do so many
things daily that are part of our Islam but fail to realize the Islamic
 side of things and thus get no reward
for them. Being an excellent and pious Muslim is not restricting yourself
to studying about Islam and praying all day, the truly excellent Muslim
follows the way of the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him)
and of his Companions. The Prophet and the Companions would work all day,
they would spend time with their family, they would occupy themselves with
 politics, sports, and various other non-religious activities. They had time
for everything and everybody and never let Islam get in the way of being a
 socially active person. The time they spend with Allah they did so in
 private and during these private moments they let their tears flow and
spoke privately with their Lord, but during the rest of the day they
 dedicated their time to serving their neighbours, family members,
friends and strangers. But whatever they were busy with, they never
forgot that Allah was always watching them and they always truly
 practiced the teachings of the Prophet and the Quran, and its
 teachings and words weighed very heavily on their shoulders,
 this is what made them such great people.”

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