ku takut

wah,,3 oclock..but i still cnnot close my eyes..y? cos the whole place whether in the aeroplne,in bus and in my aunt car..i had slept..erm..today i would like to say that im pretty afraid..afraid of having a handphone..im scared dat i will lose hp again! yesterday i'd bought new handphone sony ericson xperia..its quit expensive,,thats y im afraid! feel guilty as i use my dads money to buy it..oh how shamefull! im 19 but still cnnot buy it with my own money.. but i promise dat i will take cre of it and make sure not to bring it to pasar malam...gagagaa...


  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh, nak pennnnjaaam (: hahhha.
    jage leklokk kakude oiihh, mahal tuh !